Introducing the VideoMVP


Harrick Scientific is pleased to introduce the VideoMVP™, a new high performance video imaging ATR accessory. The VideoMVP™ offers all the advantages of a high performance diamond ATR accessory plus video imaging and optional force sensing capabilities. With convenient horizontal sampling and a sampling area of less than 500 µm in diameter, this accessory is ideal for infrared spectroscopic measurements of extremely hard samples, abrasive powders, fibers, beads, and even corrosive materials. The video imaging system provides a real-time 120X magnified view of the sample through the ATR crystal, displayed on the built-in LCD or digitally captured for a permanent record. Compress solid samples against the ATR crystal using the built-in pressure applicator with its integral slip clutch to prevent over-pressurization. An optional force sensor with digital read-out is available for precise measurement of the force applied to the sample.

Release Date:
Sunday, January 29, 2017

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