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Since its beginnings in 1969, Harrick Scientific has advanced the frontiers of optical spectroscopy through its innovations to transmission, internal reflection, external reflection, diffuse reflection, and emission spectroscopy. The president and founder of the corporation, Dr. N. J. Harrick, pioneered internal reflection spectroscopy and became the principal developer of this technique. Harrick Scientific offers a large selection of standard and custom-built accessories for IR and UV-VIS spectrometers. Many of these attachments were originally forerunners in their field and their contemporary versions are considered industry standards. Harrick Scientific continues to introduce innovative new products. In addition to these state-of-the-art accessories, Harrick Scientific supplies a complete line of optical elements, including windows, ATR plates, prisms, and hemispheres.


Harrick Scientific's facilities enable us to manufacture high quality spectroscopic equipment and optical components, as well as to develop future products that will lead our customers into new application areas and methodologies. Our highly qualified staff has experience in a wide range of scientific and engineering fields, making them uniquely capable of both grasping problems and generating solutions.

Research and Development

Our research and development staff becomes actively involved in meeting the challenges faced by our customers, because we believe that understanding our customer's needs is the only way to produce instrumentation.

Technical Support

Our experts are available for consultation to determine the instrumentation that can best accomplish the required task.


Working hand-in-hand with our research and development staff, engineering turns concepts into workable products. They determine how best to design the instrumentation for optimum performance.

Custom Instrumentation

If you do not find the instrumentation for your specific application in our catalog, we can modify existing products or custom design the instrumentation required. Harrick Scientific has the reputation for being the problem solver in optical spectroscopy. We invite you to challenge us for the solution to your specific needs.

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Harrick Scientific Products, Inc. guarantees the performance of all items in our catalog. Should there be a defect, Harrick Scientific will, at our option, repair or replace the defective item or credit the purchaser’s account in full, provided the purchaser brings the defect to our attention within 30 days of delivery.

For assistance with your order, please contact customer service at 1-800-248-3847

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