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Harrick Scientific Products can be your single source solution for developing manufacturing-friendly, innovative new products and electro-mechanical devices for research and process labs. We have provided high quality build/assemble/test projects for over 40 years

Idea Creation. Concept Development. Engineering Analysis. Material Selection. Complex Mechanism Development. Rapid Prototypes.

We provide creative solutions and engineering analysis to meet your customization needs:

  • Visualization with 3D CAD to help realize optimum designs
  • Frequent design reviews and fast-paced refinements to reduce development time
  • Advanced engineering analysis to uncover ambiguous design flaws early-on
  • Manufacturing-friendly designs to keep production costs low

Our team offers specialty designing and assembly services with capabilities in:

  • Optical, mechanical, and electrical design
  • Temperature management
  • Video imaging
  • Procurement
  • Parts Manufacturing
  • Wiring
  • High pressure and vacuum
  • Motors
  • Manufacturing review
  • QA/QC
  • Finishing
  • Assembly

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Custom Products Showcase

Low Volume High Temperature Diffuse Reflectance Reaction Chamber

Low Volume High Temperature Diffuse Reflectance Reaction Chamber

This innovative reactor combines many advantages of our industry-standard HVC DRIFTS chamber with a low internal volume. It is designed for optimal interaction of gases with solids for in-situ measurements of heterogeneous catalysis, photochemical reactions and oxidation mechanisms and incorporates internal heated gas flow lines. Designed for FT-IR and UV-Vis-NIR diffuse reflectance measurements with our Praying Mantis and Temperature Controller.



Harrick’s Emission Accessory is a powerful tool for examining vibrational spectra of surface species, either in a static environment or under controlled temperatures and pressures. Custom manufactured to interface to any spectrometer with an emission port.

Other custom products developed by Harrick Scientific Products

  • 4X Beam Condenser
  • 6X Beam Condensers
  • BoostIR Multi-Specular Reflection
  • Disk Checker
  • Multiloop-MIR ATR Fiber Probe
  • Emission Accessory
  • FastIR Reactor
  • Specialized Transmission Cells
  • Twin Parallel Mirror MIR attachment
  • Low Volume Diffuse Refl. Chamber

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