Specac and Harrick Scientific – We Answer Your Questions

Specac and Harrick Scientific – We Answer Your Questions

At the beginning of April, Harrick Scientific, Inc. was acquired by Specac Ltd. Harrick’s highly regarded product line is fully complementary to Specac’s own range of high performance spectroscopy accessories. We’re looking forward to working with the Specac team.
We have put together this short article to answer any questions you may have about what this means for Harrick and Specac going forward.


Who are Specac?

Specac manufactures Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) accessories, Sample Preparation/XRF, Process Cells, IR polarisers products for atomic and molecular spectroscopy. These products include ATR accessories, specular reflectance accessories, diffuse reflectance accessories, liquid transmission and gas transmission cells, as well as infrared and terahertz wire grid polarisers, bench-top hydraulic presses, KBr pellet presses, XRF pellet presses, thin film-making kits and evacuable pellet dies. For online optical spectroscopy or FTIR analysis, Specac offers a comprehensive range of NIR Process Cells suitable for liquid and gas/vapour analysis. Learn more at Specac.com.

What does this mean for Harrick?

From a customer’s point of view, Harrick continues to operate as normal for the time being while our operations are merged with Specac’s. Technical sales and application science will continue to be based at our Pleasantville, NY facility. Besides our excellent portfolio of optical and spectroscopy accessories, Harrick brings many strengths to Specac, including in design and engineering of custom products, such as cells for high temperature, low temperature, or electrochemical analysis. In addition, our sales and applications team will support the Specac team and will enable us jointly to serve the needs and questions of our customers with greater assurance than ever.

Can I purchase Specac’s accessories directly from Harrick?

Not yet. Any enquiries we receive for Specac products will be forwarded on to Specac at this time.
In the meantime, please continue to work through your contacts at Specac or visit their website, Specac.com.

Who should I contact for technical assistance with a Harrick or Specac product?

Technical enquiries should be addressed to the relevant company for the time being. But don’t worry, we’ll do our best to forward your enquiry to the right person no matter which company you contact with your issue.

Harrick technical support


Specac technical support


What Specac product offerings might be most interesting to me?

Specac’s hydraulic presses and dies are widely used for preparation of pressed pellets for FTIR, XRF, and other spectroscopy techniques. In addition, they are used compaction and densification of materials in the lab and also for polymer film making.

Specac’s Pearl™ accessory is a great option for transmission analysis of liquids, pastes, and greases. Its internal sample cell, the Oyster™, allows for fast and easy sample loading and cleaning between samples, while maintaining a fixed and repeatable pathlength.

Specac’s HTHP cell is a transmission accessory for analysis of solids under a controlled atmosphere of up to 800 °C or 68 bar (g) pressure.

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