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Refractor2™ Grazing Angle Accessory

The Refractor2™ is a unique attachment for grazing angle specular reflectance spectroscopy. The Refractor2™ incorporates two SuperCharged™ wedged windows to refract the beam to and from the sample. It also includes a pre-mounted, internal Si polarizer for enhanced spectral contrast.

RefractorReactor™ Grazing Angle Accessory

The Refractor™ Reactor is a valuable tool for grazing angle FT-IR studies of reactions on metal surfaces and on thin films on metal substrates. Samples can be heated to 500°C and pressurized up to 203 kPa (2 ATM).

RangeIR™ Liquid Analyzer

The RangeIR™ is a powerful tool for the analysis of liquids, pastes, and gels under controlled temperatures up to 175°C. The unique design allows the safe use of the sample temperature itself in this control, an invaluable feature for rigorous studies.

Omni-Diff™ Diffuse Reflection Probe

The Omni-Diff™ diffuse reflectance probe interfaces to virtually any spectrometer via fiber optics. This compact accessory is equipped with input and output SMA connectors that readily attached to a fiber optic coupler, like the Harrick FiberMate2.

Near-Normal Specular Reflection Accessory

Harrick's Near-Normal Specular Reflection Accessory is ideal for infrared and UV-Vis reflectance measurements of films on metallic substrates, epitaxial films, anti-reflection and enhanced reflection coatings. Suitable for use with opaque materials.

Multiloop-MIR Fiber Optic ATR Probes

This MultiLoop-MIR™ system is perfect for analyzing liquids, pastes, and soft solids outside of the FTIR spectrometer sample compartment.

MK Pellet Press

Our MK Pellet Press is an excellent hand press for making KBr and other pellets for measurements by transmission spectroscopy. The MK Pellet Press is a superior, inexpensive hand press.

Infrared Accessory Kit

Our Infrared Accessory Kit is a general purpose kit for sampling gases, liquids and solids by infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. It contains accessories necessary for the transmission analysis of gases, ATR measurements of liquids and solids, and investigations of solid by specular reflectance.

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