FTIR Parts

Temperature Controlled Liquid Cells for the DiaMaxATR

These temperature controlled liquid cells clamp onto the DiaMaxATR for measurements of liquids at temperatures from 0ºC to 200ºC. They feature a cooling conduit for use with a chiller for below ambient applications and 24V heaters for high temperature studies.

ConcentratIR2 Optional Cells

These flow cell adapters for the ConcentratIR2 are ideal for analyzing liquids under ambient, flow or temperature-controlled conditions. All are made from chemically resistance 316 stainless steel and they seal to the ATR sampling plates using Viton o-rings.

HVC Cooling Cartridge

This cooling cartridge is designed for use with our diffuse reflection High Temperature Reaction Chambers. Simply disconnect and slide out the existing heater.

Wire Grid Polarizers

The highly efficient Harrick Wire Grid Polarizer consists of a wire grid that is holographically deposited onto a KRS-5 substrate. This polarizer has a wide spectral range from 5000 cm⁻¹ to 285 cm⁻¹.

ViewThruPress for SplitPea, Meridian

This ViewThruPress is extremely helpful for positioning fibers, defects in transparent media, and powder granules on the ATR crystal of the SplitPea or Meridian. It allows viewing of the sample during pressure application, thereby aiding in determining the minimum pressurizing force required for ATR.

Trough for Seagull

This trough is ideal for examining liquids and films on liquids using specular reflectance.

Temperature Controlled ATR Crystals for SplitPea, Meridian, MVP-Pro

These heatable ATR crystals are offered in several materials to accommodate different spectral ranges, sampling conditions, and penetration depth requirements. All are mounted in chemically-resistant holders.


Slip-Clutches: Slip-ClutchesThe Harrick Slip-Clutches are ideal for applying measured and reproducible pressure to ATR crystals for FT-IR spectroscopy. They also serve to limit the maximum pressure applied to prevent damage to the ATR crystal.

Seagull ATR Flow Cell Adapters

These flow cells for the Seagull ATR Kits are excellent for examining liquids in static or flow environments by ATR spectroscopy. They readily secure to the hemisphere holder included in the standard Seagull ATR Kits.

Seagull ATR Kits

Use these kits with the Seagull for variable angle ATR spectroscopy. The ATR Kits comes with a removable ZnSe or Ge ATR crystal, crystal holder and pressure plates. They are excellent for measurements at higher incident angles than provided by most ATR accessories and also for depth profiling measurements.

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