FTIR Accessories


The DiaMaxATR is the highest performance single reflection diamond ATR available at an unbeatable price.  This accessory is designed not only for straightforward infrared spectroscopy of common laboratory samples like liquids, powders, pastes and solids but also for anal

ConcentratIR2™ Multiple Reflection ATR Accessory

The ConcentratIR2™ is a miniature multiple-reflection ATR accessory, compatible with the smaller FTIR sample compartments. Designed for micro-liquid samples, it features interchangeable diamond and silicon ATR sampling plates.

Diamond Probe

The Diamond Probe is a fiber optic ATR accessory designed for analyzing a wide range of samples in the mid-infrared. Sample types include liquids, pastes, slurries, powders, and solids. Samples can be located up to 1.5 meters from the spectrometer.

Raman High Temperature Reaction Chamber

This High Temperature Reaction Chamber is an effective tool for Raman measurements of powders under controlled environmental conditions.  Designed for operation from high vacuum to 25.8 ktorr and for temperatures up to 910°C (under vacuum), this reaction chamber

Optical Table Slide Plate Holder

Harrick's Optical Table Slide Plate Holder conveniently holds sample slide plate mounted accessories.

VideoMVP™ Single Reflection ATR Microsampler

The VideoMVP™ offers all the advantages of a high performance diamond ATR accessory plus video imaging and optional force sensing capabilities. The VideoMVP™ features a convenient horizontal sampling with an active sampling area of less than 500 µm in diameter on its monolithic diamond.

VariGATR™ Grazing Angle Accessory

The VariGATR™ grazing angle ATR accessory is a revolutionary approach to the analysis of monolayers on semiconductor and metallic substrates. The VariGATR™ is variable angle, so the incident angle can be optimized for the highest sensitivity with these types of samples.

Variable Angle Transmission Accessory

This Variable Angle Transmission Accessory is excellent for examining thick samples and optical coatings thereon at any angle using transmission spectroscopy.  When light impinges on a thick sample at an angle, the light reflects from both surfaces of the sample.

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