Variable Temperature or Pressure Cells

Temperature Controller

This Temperature Controller is a full-featured tabletop controller designed for a variety of applications. It can be manually programmed to reach a desired temperature or computer controlled for sophisticated temperature profiling.

SplitPea™ ATR Microsamplers

Harrick's SplitPea™ is a horizontal ATR accessory with the smallest sampling area of any ATR accessory - less than 250 µm in diameter for its Si ATR crystal. The SplitPea™ is configured to apply localized, measured pressure to produce superior contact between the sample and the ATR crystal.

Seagull™ Variable Angle Reflection Accessory

The Seagull™ is a powerful accessory for examining powders, optical coatings, opaque substrates, films on opaque substrates, and slightly curved solids by variable angle FT-IR reflectance spectroscopy. This accessory easily adapts for specular, ATR or diffuse reflectance measurements.

RefractorReactor™ Grazing Angle Accessory

The Refractor™ Reactor is a valuable tool for grazing angle FT-IR studies of reactions on metal surfaces and on thin films on metal substrates. Samples can be heated to 500°C and pressurized up to 203 kPa (2 ATM).

Dewar Transmission/Reflection Accessory

Our Dewar Transmission/Reflection Accessory is useful for examining solid samples at temperatures ranging from -196°C to 350°C in a controlled environment. The cell is constructed of chemically resistant 316 stainless steel and features a K-type thermocouple for temperature measurement.

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