Harrick's FTIR Parts

Harrick Scientific offers a large selection of options to enhance the performance of our FITR accessories. Please find below a listing of all our optional and replacement parts by part number. Note that this information is also accessible through the accessory web page.

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Model No. Product Sell price
UQC-LSP-W Diamond ATR Sampling Plate for the ConcentratIR N/A
VAT2-S10 Thick Sample (6-10mm) Holder for VAT2 N/A
VR1-HRS 12º Stage for VRX N/A
VR1-RMA-LSS Large Sample Support for VRX N/A
VR1-VWA-12 12º Absolute Reflection Stage for VRX N/A
VRC-OPC Purge Cover/Light Shield for VRC N/A
VRC-PLL Polarizer Mount for VRC N/A
VRX-VWA-45 45º Absolute Reflection Stage for VRX N/A