FTIR O-Rings & Gaskets

Harrick Scientific's consumables include optional and replacement o-rings and gaskets for our FTIR accessories. Please find below a listing of all our o-rings and gaskets by part number. Note that this information is also accessible through the accessory web page.

O-Rings & Gaskets
Model No. Product Price
ORV-131 Viton O-Ring, 1.880 OD, 1.674 ID $20.00
ORV-143 Viton O-Ring, 2.631 OD, 2.425 ID $20.00
ORV-314 Viton O-Ring, 1.145 OD, 0.725 ID $17.00
RAN-GSK Viton Gasket for RangeIR and FatIR $63.00
RGR-ORK Kalrez O-Rings for RefractorReactor $430.00
RGR-ORV Viton O-Rings for RefractorReactor $58.00