Universal Transmission Holder

Our Universal Transmission Holder is ideal for securing a variety of samples for analysis by transmission spectroscopy. Its sliding MagnaGrip™ plate firmly holds samples up to 38 mm thick in the beam of the FT-IR spectrometer.

The Universal Transmission Holder is convenient in applications that require holding thin polymer films, windows, pellets and KBr pellet holders firmly in place for spectroscopy analysis.

Universal Transmission Holder
Magnetic slide plate mounted sample support
Model No.
NOTE: A Model No. ending in "XXX" denotes spectrometer code.

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  • Highly versatile transmission sample holder.
  • MagnaGrip™ plate secures thin and flexible samples against a sample slide plate.
  • MagnaGrip™ plate slides on rods to accommodate samples up to 38 mm long.
  • 20mm round aperture.
  • Inserts with 13mm, 6mm, and 3mm apertures for securing smaller samples.
  • Compatible with standard FT-IR and infrared sample slide holders.