Transmission Sampling Kit

Our Transmission Sampling Kit includes all the tools and materials for sampling by infrared (FT-IR) transmission spectroscopy. It contains accessories and supplies necessary for the transmission analysis of liquids, both qualitative and quantitative, and solids, as mulls and pellets. This kit is packaged in a durable wooden carrying and storage case.

Transmission Sampling Kit
Start up transmission accessory kit for FTIR spectrometers
Model No.
NOTE: A Model No. ending in "XXX" denotes spectrometer code.

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  • DLC 2™, a PTFE Demountable Transmission Liquid Cell with Luer Lok Fittings. Uses standard, undrilled windows and precision PTFE spacers. Slide plate mounted to fit in all FT-IR spectrometers. Designed to examine liquids injected by syringe, solids smeared as mulls on KBr windows, viscous liquids and pastes smeared directly on the windows.
  • MK Pellet Press, used to prepare 13 mm diameter pellets for transmission spectroscopy. Pellets may be removed or left in the holder of the MK Press for analysis.
  • Mortar and Pestle for grinding solids for making KBr pellets and mulls. Made of highly durable alumina to prevent sample contamination during grinding.
  • KBr Powder for diluting solid samples for analysis as pellets.
  • Nujol and Fluorolube for mixing with finely ground solid samples for analysis as mulls.
  • KBr windows for use in the Liquid Cell and as supporting substrates for mulls, viscous liquids and pastes.
  • Universal Transmission Holder for supporting polymer films, pellets, the pellet press holder and mulls or pastes smeared between KBr windows. Readily slips into the sample slide holder in all FT-IR spectrometers.
  • Sample Cards for supporting and storing samples such as pellets and polymer films.
  • Spatula/Scoopula Combination and disposable Syringe for transferring samples during preparation.
  • Compatible with all FT-IR spectrometers.
  • PTFE Demountable Transmission Liquid Cell.
  • MK Pellet Press.
  • Universal Transmission Holder.
  • Sample Cards (10 pcs).
  • Spatula/Scoopula Combination.
  • MK Pellet Press.
  • Mortar and Pestle.
  • KBr Powder.
  • Nujol.
  • Fluorolube.
  • Spatula/Scoopula.
  • Disposable Syringe.
Model No. Product Description Price
KIT-MAP Mortar and Pestle Alumina (99.5%); 7 ml capacity N/A
Model No. Product Price
WAD-U22 Window SiO₂ 13 x 2 mm $0.00
WPD-U22 Window KBr 13 x 2 mm $0.00
WLD-U22 Window NaCl 13 x 2 mm $0.00
WMD-U22 Window ZnSe 13 x 2 mm $156.00
WHD-U22 Window BaF₂ 13 x 2 mm $98.00
WFD-U22 Window CaF₂ 13 x 2 mm $62.00
WJD-U22 Window Ge 13 x 2 mm $110.00
WID-U22 Window ZnS 13 x 2 mm $159.00
WED-U22 Window Si 13 x 2 mm N/A
WBD-U22 Window Al₂O₃ 13 x 2 mm $72.00
Reference & Mirrors
Model No. Product Price
KBR-100 KBr Powder, Spectroscopic Grade, 100 g $115.00
Model No. Product Price
PSA-M13 Assorted Spacers (12), 13 mm dia. $129.00
MSP-006-M13 PTFE Spacers (12), 13 mm dia. x 0.006 mm $155.00
MSP-012-M13 PTFE Spacers (12), 13 mm dia. x 0.012 mm $155.00
MSP-025-M13 PTFE Spacers (12), 13 mm dia. x 0.025 mm $155.00
MSP-056-M13 PTFE Spacers (12), 13 mm dia. x 0.056 mm $105.00
MSP-100-M13 PTFE Spacers (12), 13 mm dia. x 0.100 mm $105.00
MSP-150-M13 PTFE Spacers (12), 13 mm dia. x 0.150 mm $105.00
MSP-250-M13 PTFE Spacers (12), 13 mm dia. x 0.250 mm $105.00
MSP-390-M13 PTFE Spacers (12), 13 mm dia. x 0.390 mm $105.00
MSP-500-M13 PTFE Spacers (12), 13 mm dia. x 0.500 mm $105.00
MSP-630-M13 PTFE Spacers (12), 13 mm dia. x 0.630 mm $105.00
MSP-750-M13 PTFE Spacers (12), 13 mm dia. x 0.750 mm $105.00
MSP-950-M13 PTFE Spacers (12), 13 mm dia. x 0.950 mm $105.00
Model No. Product Price
KIT-COT Finger Cots (100, Medium) $24.00
KIT-CRD Sample Cards (100) $83.00
KIT-FLB Fluorolube, 30 ml $144.00
KIT-NJL Nujol, 60 ml $90.00
KIT-SCP Spatula/Scoopula $17.00