Temperature Controlled Gas Cell

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Harrick's Temperature Controlled Gas Cell is ideal for examining gases and gaseous mixtures for static or flow environments by transmission spectroscopy.  This cell features a beam conforming geometry, thereby minimizing volume and maximizing the interaction of the beam with the sample.  This 316 stainless steel cell has a 10 cm pathlength and operates from ambient temperatures up to 240°C.  This makes it adaptable for evolved gas analysis (EGA) in combination with thermogravimetric analysis for TGA-EGA-FTIR

The Temperature Controlled Gas Cell is equipped with a K-type thermocouple and low-voltage heaters, designed for optimium performance with the Harrick Temperature Controller.

TC Gas Transmission Cell
Temperature-controlled, 10-cm pathlength, 24V
Model No.
NOTE: A Model No. ending in "XXX" denotes spectrometer code.

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  • 10 cm pathlength transmission gas cell.
  • Heatable to 200°C with Viton O-rings and to 260°C with Kalrez O-rings. Higher temperatures achievable with metal o-rings.
  • Beam conforming interior maximizes pathlength to volume ratio.
  • Cell volume: 17 ml.
  • 20-mm diameter clear entrance and exit apertures.
  • Chemically resistant 316 stainless steel cell body.
  • Two ports allow both static and flow-through spectroscopy measurements.
  • Stainless steel transmission gas cell, Viton O-rings, and mounting hardware for the windows.
  • Embedded K-type thermocouple and low-voltage band heater.
  • One port fitted with a needle valve and a second plugged port (1/8 NPT).
  • Mating hardware for the specified UV-VIS or FT-IR spectrometer.
  • Windows must be ordered separately.
Model No. Product Description Price
ATC-024-3 Temperature Controller, 110V

Tabletop model

ATC-024-4 Temperature Controller, 220/240V

Tabletop model

ATK-024-3 Temperature Controller Kit, 110V

Includes 110V Temperature Controller and USB to RS-485 Adapter

ATK-024-4 Temperature Controller Kit, 220/240V

Includes 220/240V Temperature Controller and USB to RS-485 Adapter

Model No. Product Description Price
ATC-USB-485 Temperature Controller USB to RS-485 Adapter For use with the Temperature Controller N/A
Model No. Product Price
WAD-U25 Window SiO₂ 25 x 2 mm $92.00
WAD-U45 Window SiO₂ 25 x 4 mm N/A
WPD-U25 Window KBr 25 x 2 mm $70.00
WPD-U45 Window KBr 25 x 4 mm $63.00
WLD-U25 Window NaCl 25 x 2 mm $60.00
WLD-U45 Window NaCl 25 x 4 mm $65.00
WHD-U25 Window BaF₂ 25 x 2 mm $140.00
WHD-U45 Window BaF₂ 25 x 4 mm $169.00
WFD-U25 Window CaF₂ 25 x 2 mm $90.00
WFD-U45 Window CaF₂ 25 x 4 mm $124.00
WMD-U25 Window ZnSe 25 x 2 mm $217.00
WID-U25 Window ZnS 25 x 2 mm N/A
WED-U25 Window Si 25 x 2 mm N/A
WMD-U45 Window ZnSe 25 x 4 mm $270.00
Model No. Product Price
008-144 Thermocouple, K-Type $103.00
O-Rings & Gaskets
Model No. Product Price
ORV-020 Viton O-Ring, 1.004 OD (25mm), 0.864 ID $9.00
ORK-020 Kalrez O-Ring, 1.004 OD (25mm), 0.864 ID $72.00