Rail Mount

Our Rail Mount is a system for mounting accessories in sample compartments securely and precisely. The Rail Mount simplifies operations where several accessories must be place colinear with each other in the sample beam.

When combined with our Slide Plate Holders, this provides a convienent mounting system for many slide plate mounted accessories, including our fixed angle Specular Reflection Accessories, Brewster's Angle Sample Holder, Demountable Liquid Cells sample holders, attenuators, polarizers and depolarizers.  Available for FTIR and UV-Vis spectrometers.

Rail Mount
Accessory mount
Model No.
NOTE: A Model No. ending in "XXX" denotes spectrometer code.

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  • Permits translation of accessories along the beam path to optimize performance.
  • Compatible and included with some Harrick Scientific accessories.
  • Available for most FTIR and UV-Vis spectrometers.
  • Rail Mount.
  • Mating hardware for the specified spectrometer
Model No. Product Description Price
HSS-XXX Slide Plate Holder

Holder for 2" x 3" x 1/8" sample slide plates