Optical Polishing Kit

Harrick's Optical Polishing Kit is useful for grinding, buffing and polishing many common optical materials that do not require pitch polishing. Optical polishing is an art; it takes expertise to obtain high quality polish.

Our kit offers a convenient method for grinding, polishing and buffing NaCl, KBr, ZnSe and KRS-5 windows and ATR plates.

Optical Polishing Kit
Do-it-yourself kit for polishing optical materials
Model No.
NOTE: A Model No. ending in "XXX" denotes spectrometer code.

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  • Contains all the items needed to improve the surface finish of optical windows.
  • Two ground glass plates.
  • Two self-adhering polishing pads.
  • #400 coarse grinding compound.
  • #600 fine grinding compound
  • Cerium oxide polishing compound
  • KRS-5 polishing compound.
  • Finger cots.
  • One camel hair brushes.
  • 2 oz. empty bottle.
  • Five pouring spouts.
Model No. Product Price
OPK-GGP Ground Glass Plate for Polishing Kit $125.00
OPK-MPP Pad for Polishing Kit $26.00
OPK-CGC #400 Coarse Grinding Compound $65.00
OPK-FGC #600 Fine Grinding Compound $65.00
OPK-REP Cerium Oxide Polishing Compound $65.00
OPK-CHB Brushes for Optical Polishing Kit $26.00
OPK-KPC KRS-5 Polishing Compound $65.00
OPK-APC Aluminum Oxide Polishing Compound $65.00
KIT-COT Finger Cots (100, Medium) $24.00