MK Pellet Press

Our MK Pellet Press is an excellent hand press for making KBr and other pellets for measurements by transmission spectroscopy. The MK Pellet Press is a superior, inexpensive hand press. Its non-rotating, highly polished, hardened stainless steel dies produce scratch-free pellets.  The Pellet Press features an evacuation port, so water can be removed from the sample prior to pressing.  The pellets can be readily extracted from the press without breakage or left in the barrel for analysis.  The Universal Transmission Holder or equivalent is recommended for supporting the pellet or barrel in the spectrometer beam.

MK Pellet Press
Hand press for 13mm dia. pellets
Model No.
NOTE: A Model No. ending in "XXX" denotes spectrometer code.

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  • Large aperture eliminates vignetting when the pellet is left in the barrel for spectroscopy analysis.
  • Pellets can be extracted easily without breakage.
  • Evacuable for removing water prior to pressing.
  • Interchangeable dies.
  • Pellet Press.
  • 13mm die, and collar.
Model No. Product Description Price
HUT-TS1 Universal Transmission Holder

Magnetic slide plate mounted sample support

Model No. Product Description Price
MKD-S13 MK Die Set, 13 mm dia., for MK Pellet Press Made from hardened steel N/A