Infrared Accessory Kit

Our Infrared Accessory Kit is a general purpose kit for sampling gases, liquids and solids by infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. It contains accessories necessary for the transmission analysis of gases, ATR measurements of liquids and solids, and investigations of solid by specular reflectance. These accessories can be used for both qualitative and quantitative experiments. This kit is packaged in a durable wooden carrying and storage case.

Infrared Accessory Kit
Start up accessory kit for FTIR spectrometers
Model No.
NOTE: A Model No. ending in "XXX" denotes spectrometer code.

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  • AccessATR Single Reflection ATR Accessory starter kit with ZnSe ATR crystal. Features slide plate mounting, built-in pressure plate for solid sampling, and cover for liquid analysis.
  • 45° External Reflection Accessory. Adapter to convert the AccessATR for external reflectance measurements. Includes an alignment mirror.
  • 10-cm pathlength low volume Single Pass Transmission Gas Cell made from chemically inert 316 stainless steel. Includes 25x2mm KBr windows and Viton o-rings. Floor mounted.
  • Universal Transmission Holder for supporting polymer films, pellets, the pellet press holder and mulls or pastes smeared between KBr windows. Readily slips into the sample slide holder in all FTIR spectrometers.
  • Compatible with all FT-IR spectrometers.
  • AccessATR.
  • Adapter for the AccessATR for 45° specular reflection measurements.
  • Alignment mirror.
  • Gas Cell.
  • Two 25x2mm KBr windows.
  • Universal Transmission Holder.
Model No. Product Price
WPD-U25 Window KBr 25 x 2 mm $0.00
WPD-U45 Window KBr 25 x 4 mm $0.00
WLD-U25 Window NaCl 25 x 2 mm $0.00
WLD-U45 Window NaCl 25 x 4 mm $0.00
O-Rings & Gaskets
Model No. Product Price
ORV-020 Viton O-Ring, 1.004 OD (25mm), 0.864 ID $9.00
ORK-020 Kalrez O-Ring, 1.004 OD (25mm), 0.864 ID $72.00
ACC-GSK Viton Gasket for AccessATR $39.00
Reference & Mirrors
Model No. Product Price
MOP-112 25 x 32 x 3.2mm Mirror $84.00
MOP-114 32 x 50 x 3.2mm Mirror $84.00
MOP-117 50 x 50 x 3.2mm Mirror $84.00
Model No. Product Price
ACC-PRM-M ZnSe ATR Prism for AccessATR $459.00
ACC-PRM-J Ge ATR Prism for AccessATR $1,340.00
Model No. Product Price
KIT-COT Finger Cots (100, Medium) $24.00
KIT-SCP Spatula/Scoopula $17.00
KIT-SYR Syringe, 3 ml $7.00
GATR-PAD Pressure Pads (5) for VariGATR, GATR and AccessATR $34.00