Focus™ Grazing Angle Reflection Accessory

This grazing angle reflectance accessory focuses on high quality infrared spectra ,quickly and efficiently. The Focus™ is excellent for examining films and coatings on metals or other reflective substrates. It features a 75° incident angle and a built-in Si polarizer for grazing angle FT-IR measurements with high spectral contrast. Its convenient horizontal sample stage and condensed beam are perfect for examining a variety of sample sizes and shapes. The Focus™ features PermaPurge™ for rapid sample exchange without interrupting the purge of the FT-IR spectrometer.

The Focus™ is excellent for small and large samples and invaluable for QC FT-IR applications.

Grazing angle specular reflection microsampler
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  • 75° angle of incidence.
  • Built-in silicon polarizer for optimal spectral contrast.
  • Convenient horizontal stage.
  • High sample throughput.
  • Small sampling area.
  • Optional upgrade for multiple reflection ATR.
  • Harrick's exclusive PermaPurge™ allows rapid sample without interrupting the purge of the FT-IR spectrometer.
  • Built-in polarizer.
  • Mating hardware for the specified FT-IR spectrometer.
Model No. Product Description Price
CON-FOC Conversion Kit, from Focus to ConcentratIR Replacement top for the Focus N/A
Reference & Mirrors
Model No. Product Price
MOP-112 25 x 32 x 3.2mm Mirror $84.00

Figure 1. Schematic of the Focus™.

The Focus™ is an excellent tool for analyzing coated materials of a variety of sizes and shapes. Such samples include coated mirrors, thin film on metals, coatings on semicondutors, wafers, and disks. Coatings on flat, machined metals can also be effectively examined.

This grazing angle accessory, shown in Figure 1, utilizes a planar mirror to direct the FT-IR beam to a parabolic reflector (M2) that focuses through a Si polarizing plate onto the sample. The reflected radiation is directed from the parabolic reflector and a second plane mirror to the detector of the spectrometer.

The Focus™ features a convenient horizontal sampling stage to accommodate a wide range of sample sizes. The Focus also includes a built-in Si polarizer for optimal spectral contrast. The accessory is enclosed in a purgable box for rapid sample exchange without interrupting the purge of the FT-IR spectrometer.

Figure 2. Grazing Angle Reflectance of a Golden Coating on Si.


Figure 3. Grazing Angle Reflectance from two SiO₂coated Aluminum Mirrors.

Representative infrared spectra recorded with the Focus™ are shown in Figures 2 through 4. Figure 2 is the grazing angle reflectance from a golden film on a Si wafer. Note that the high level of the baseline indicates that the sample is a better reflector than the reference mirror used.

Figure 3 shows the grazing angle reflectance spectra of two SiO₂ coated aluminum mirrors. The band intensities in the two spectra differ, indicating that the two coatings are not the same thickness.

Figure 4. Grazing Angle Specular Reflectance
of Polyethlyene on Machined Metal.

Figure 4 shows the grazing angle FT-IR infrared spectrum recorded from a machined surface coated with polyethylene. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the Focus™ for examining samples for coatings on flat, non-polished materials.

This accessory records grazing angle spectra quickly and accurately, allowing the user to focus on the results.