FastIR™ Single Reflection ATR Accessory

The FastIR™ is a single reflection horizontal ATR accessory which incorporates a convenient horizontal sample stage for quick ATR spectroscopy of solids, liquids, and pastes. Sample analysis is simple and straightforward: place or spread the sample on the ATR crystal, record the spectrum and wipe the crystal clean. The FastIR™ HATR incorporates PermaPurge™ for rapid sample and ATR crystal exchange without interrupting the purge of the FT-IR spectrometer. A trough, flow-through liquid cell, temperature controlled liquid cell, torque screwdriver and slip-clutch are also offered for sampling versatility.

The FastIR™ is convenient for routine analysis of liquids, pastes, and flexible solids by FT-IR ATR spectroscopy and is excellent for both laboratory and quality control environments.

Single reflection, ZnSe ATR
Model No.
NOTE: A Model No. ending in "XXX" denotes spectrometer code.

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  • Provides highly repeatable quantitative ATR results.
  • Convenient, horizontal sampling surface (HATR).
  • Single reflection ATR.
  • Fixed 45° incident angle.
  • Top loading.
  • SuperCharged™ ZnSe optics for superior performance.
  • Other ATR crystal materials, including Ge and ZnS, available upon request.
  • Easy to align and use.
  • High throughput (greater than 85%).
  • Minimal sample preparation required.
  • Readily exchangeable crystal. PermaPurge™ for rapid purging of the FT-IR system.
  • Available options include:
    • Wire grid polarizer (KRS-5 substrate) for enhanced spectral contrast and orientation studies. Includes slide plate mount.
    • Trough cell for convenient ATR liquid sampling.
    • Flow-through liquid cell for flow and sealed cell spectroscopy measurements.
    • Temperature controlled liquid cell for real-time ATR spectroscopy.
    • Fixed torque Slip-Clutch to apply repeatable ATR contact pressures to solid samples.
    • Torque Screwdriver to apply your choice of contact pressure for repeatable ATR spectroscopy measurements of solid samples.
  • Mounted ZnSe ATR crystal.
  • Built-in pressure applicator and clamp for solid sampling, compatible with the Torque Screwdriver and Slip-Clutch.
  • Glass cover slide for volatile samples.
  • Mating hardware for the specified FT-IR spectrometer.
Model No. Product Description Price
FAS-FLC Liquid Flow Cell for FastIR Ambient adapter with Luer fittings N/A
FAS-TCC-3 TC Liquid Flow Cell for FastIR Temperature-controlled adapter with Luer fittings N/A
FAS-XCS Volatiles Cover Glass lid N/A
PWC-FAS-XXX FastIR Mount for PWD Polarizer Polarizer holder only N/A
PWD-FAS-XXX Wire Grid Polarizer, FastIR FastIR Polarizer (KRS-5 Substrate), includes mount N/A
SLP-CHI 56 in-oz. Slip-Clutch for FastIR Delivers limited reproducible force for ATR N/A
SLP-CLO 24 in-oz. Slip-Clutch for FastIR and GATR Delivers limited reproducible force for ATR N/A
Model No. Product Price
FAS-ATR-M ZnSe Prism for FastIR and RangeIR $1,063.00
FAS-SSP Mounted ZnSe Prism for FastIR N/A
O-Rings & Gaskets
Model No. Product Price
FAS-GSK Kalrez Gasket for FastIR $61.00
Model No. Product Description Price
CCS-004 CristalCalc Software ATR calculator $191.00
IRS-671 Internal Reflection Spectroscopy by N.J. Harrick $0.00
IRS-RS1 Internal Reflection Spectroscopy: Review and Supplement by Francis M. Mirabella, Jr. and N. J. Harrick $0.00
IRS-V24 Infrared and Raman Spectroscopy of Biological Materials Edited by Hans-Ulrich Gremlich And Bin Yang $251.00

This single reflection, horizontal internal reflection (ATR or HATR) attachment is a powerful analytical tool for repeatable qualitative and quantitative FT-IR spectroscopy studies of a wide range of samples. These include aqueous and organic liquids, pastes, and organic and inorganic powders.

The simple efficient optical design of this ATR accessory combines high optical throughput with the convenience of horizontal sampling. Installation and alignment are simple. Sample preparation is virtually eliminated. The high energy throughput allows excellent infrared ATR spectra to be obtained even with weakly absorbing samples. Conventional transmission cells can cause a degradation of spectral information obtained on highly absorbing samples due to severe energy losses, making accurate analytical work impossible. For such samples, the attenuation of this single reflection horizontal ATR accessory is essential.

Figure 1. Optical Drawing of the FastIR™.

An optical drawing of this ATR accessory is shown in Figure 1. Light from the infrared spectrometer source strikes mirror M1. The reflected light then strikes the 45° single reflection crystal at normal incidence and passes through the element until it is internally reflected at the sampling surface. The light interacts with the sample and exits the other 45° face at normal incidence. The radiation then reflects from mirror M2 to the detector of the spectrometer. This design provides a high degree of insensitivity to precise alignment. It also allows the mirror configuration of the attachment to be used not only for internal reflection (ATR) but also for external or specular reflection at a fixed 45° angle of incidence.

The standard ATR crystal is made from ZnSe. This has a wide useful spectral range (20,000 cm-1 to 500 cm-1) and durable mechanical properties. Alternative materials are also available. The ATR crystal is held into its mounting block using a Kalrez gasket. This gasket does not interact with the sampling radiation. Thus spectra are free from any spurious peaks or energy degradation due to the interaction of the light with the adhesive.

Liquids and pastes may be analyzed by simply placing the sample on top of the crystal. For volatile samples, a glass cover slide and a low volume, o-ring sealed liquid cell with luer fittings are provided. The o-ring of the sealed liquid cell does not come in contact with the sampling light, so spectra are free from any interference or degradation associated with the o-ring. Additional accessories for the FastIR™ include flow-through liquid reservoirs and trough-style liquid cells. Heatable solid and liquid cells are available on special order.

Solid materials, such as fine powders, flexible polymers, and soft films, may also be analyzed using this ATR accessory. In order to compress the sample against the ATR crystal, a pressure plate and clamp are provided. Repeatable spectroscopy measurements can be obtained using the optional Torque Screwdriver or Slip-Clutch.

As one example of the versatility of this accessory, quantitative FT-IR measurements of silicone oil were performed. The ability to analyze these samples directly eliminated the need for a tedious chromatographic separation. The samples exhibit high absorbance in the infrared and high viscosity. Use of short pathlength transmission liquid cells would prove difficult due to the viscosity of the samples. The short effective pathlength and ease of sample introduction for this accessory, however, make analysis of samples of this nature extremely straightforward. Figures 2a-c show the almost identical absorbance spectra of the silicone oil samples: pure component 1, pure component 2, and a mixture of the two. Using the absorbance at 1257 cm-1, the concentration of components 1 and 2 in the mixture were quickly and accurately determined.

Figures 2a and 2b. ATR Spectra of Silicone Oil: Components (a) 1 and (b) 2.

Figure 2c. ATR Spectrum of Silicon Oil Mixture.

Figure 3. ATR Spectrum of Talcum Powder.

A second example is given in Figure 3. Here, the infrared spectrum of talcum powder is shown. This spectrum was taken using the attachment with the pressure plate and clamp.

These two examples demonstrate the utility and flexibility of this single reflection FastIR™ accessory.